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In April of 2002, a verdict was given by the City of Buenos Aires Court, in the suit which we were obliged to bring against BMW de Argentina, Automóviles Exclusivos S.A., official representative of the officially authorized agency which represented BMW of Germany, (Munich), in Argentina. Because of the complete lack of control on the part of BMW de Argentina, Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. over an irresponsible and illicit concessionaire(agency), Osvaldo Seveso S.A. , cousin and partner of the president of BMW de Argentina, Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. who sold me my new BMW for which I paid in advance and in total, my car was never delivered to me .
My lawsuit was based on the blatant lack of responsibility of said official BMW representative, BMW de Argentina, Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. , which was fully knowledgeable of the illicit workings of the concessionaire (agency) owned and managed by Osvaldo Seveso.
If the importer, BMW de Argentina , Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. , had acted correctly, there would not have been any damage caused to me on the part of BMW, selling their automobiles but not delivering them, especially to customers who pay in advance (among whom are three handicapped persons, by the way).
The official representative, BMW de Argentina, Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. who until now has refused to deliver my automobile, paid for in full, having permitted this fraud, has been condemned by the Court which has ordered that the full price of the undelivered car be refunded, plus all court and lawsuit costs, plus interest.
BMW of Germany Munich, however, despite knowing full well about my case from the very beginning of the fraud committed in their name, has completely ignored the damage done to me.
And it is quite ironic that BMW of Germany, despite the verdict of the Court, has named BMW de Argentina, Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. , official concessionaire, officially authorized agency for BMW in Argentina.
It is beyond my comprehension how, in the 21st. Century, a company with world-wide prestige, and a long history of successful business that BMW of Germany has had, could have permitted such a fraud to occur, and then not take steps to repair the huge damage done to me, obliging me to recur to the Courts for justice.