Finally, in March of 2000 we received a letter from BMW of Argentina (BMW of Munich, Germany, since the first of January 2000), in which they offered to sell me two BMWs during this year at a "special discount price". In the letter they said that this Web-Site has damaged their name, and BMW should not be blamed or held responsible in any way for any sales dealings by "their former official BMW dealership", O. Seveso S.A.,(the official BMW dealership which sold us the car that they did not deliver); they said they turned this matter over to their attorneys.
We replied as follows: If we bought the two BMWs we would receive only a very small economic compensation. But this would put us in the position of having to became re-sellers which, of course, is not our business. We further stated that such an offer should have been made immediately after BMW was notified , the 17th. of March 1999 , of the fraud we suffered and not a year later after we bought another BMW 523-AI from another dealer, paying, again, U.S.$ 63,000. We pointed out that now, besides us, various buyers of BMWs (among them three handicapped persons) were defrauded by O. Seveso S.A. whose owner "supported" by Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. the previous representative and distributor of BMW for Argentina until the 31st. of December 1999, whose members of the board of directors (the Facchini family) are relatives and were partners of Mr. O. Seveso.
Automóviles Exclusivos S.A., BMW representative and distributor for Argentina, who obviously did not exercise any control whatsoever, which was their responsibility, closing the O. Seveso S.A. dealership immediately after discovering the first "irregularity" , which permitted them to defraud other buyers, and it is Automóviles Exclusivos S.A. in whom BMW of Argentina has just renewed their confidence, naming them BMW´s official dealership. All of this calls our attention greatly.