A fine
( but BMW purchases, be ware !!).  

Trusting in the prestige and reliability of B.M.W. (having been an owner of two B.M.W.´s previously) on February 4th. 1999, I bought a B.M.W., model 523 IA, at the official B.M.W. dealer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, O. Seveso S.A., paying in cash the sum of US Dollars 63,000.

I have been defrauded completely. This automobile was never delivered to me, despite my having communicated this fact to Automóviles  Exclusivos S.A. and also to the BMW factory in Munich, (Germany), through communications sent to BMW president Prof. Dr. Joachim Milberg and  the Board of Directors Drs. Heitmann, Forster and Ziebart, ( by letters, e-mails and faxes).

Finally, I was obliged to bring suit at the court (juzgado comercial Nº 6, sec. Nº 12) in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Also, said official dealer has sold automobiles to disabled persons who never received the cars despite having paid for them completely.

BMW of Munich (Germany) never responded to this people either. It is my obligation to make public these facts, so that other potential purchasers will not suffer the fraud, which I have suffered.


    Rodolfo Salvador Sgroi

                                                                SICANIA S.A.
                                                                Moreno 1270 Piso 2 of.210
                                                                (1091) Buenos Aires Argentina